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tomorrow never knows

When the fires came the smell of cinders and rain perfumed almost everything

we laughed and laughed and laughed

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tomorrow never knows


--->we are running out of comment space on this petition!<---

Once the 5000 mark is hit, please refer your comments to PART 2, which is a continuation of this post!!!


You are here because you have a problem with the way livejournal.com is being run graphically; obstructive interfaces popping up (ie: customize area); lack of customer-service displayed by the team in relation to 'rebuilding' the site (ie: one of the many truths); or clearly insane string of 'fiddle-faddle' from the Support Team, who is giving positive feedback where negativity is required.

What is needed is a clear, concise method of user compatibility and a sleeker, updated look. We have yet to receive one or the other. Not only free users have no say in how we will be frequenting our journals, but paid users -the ones who keep it alive- are barely even gazed upon. Without us, without its users, a blog is nothing but another empty space and a bleak outcome. The staff at livejournal need to realize this, using nothing but a bit of tough love.

I realize that a more precise request is probably in order. Therefore, I will list the changes that we wish not to have made, concerning the site. These are issues brought up by myself, fellow users, and have sufficient proof of what's stated above.

1.) Customize area, which is just an obtrusive package of boxes, crammed together, with a dash of other options (previously placed in other areas) thrown in.

2.) New userinfo, thought to be the most hideous change, as I'm told. It provides no flexibility in terms of your bio; implimentation of e-mail, msn, and AIM towards the bottom leaves questions; it's just overall a huge mess.
One perk is we're being given the option to turn this one off.

3.) Waiting over a month for the option to change our journal title and subtitle, in which an unclear option was brought to my and others attention; finally, it was implimented in a completely irrelevant area.

I'd like to further state, for informational purposes, these are conversions made by 'professionals' (lj_design) working for Six Apart, a company that livejournal performed a merger with, in hopes to make things more breathable.

You're the judge.

Disclaimer: This information may, or may not be false. Please do not take the word 'proof' as 'fact', and deem it to be an unchanging, unevolving decision. Everything below is merely me providing you with news as it arises, and in the end it's subjected to your opinion and yours ALONE.

[UPDATE]: I have received mentions that Six Apart is looking to push livejournal towards a more 'youth' orientated atmosphere (translation: teens and teenyboppers).

Six Apart is looking to launch VOX later this year -what's being deemed the more adult-focused blog.
It will have the same Google ads that livejournal has for their sponsored, but it's not yet stated if they're a permanent feature for VOX. So far all the sample pages display ads, as well as the main page.

Quotes(stating exactly these points)taken directly from the VOX site, are featured in the 'mentions' link above.


So please, write your username, first name, last name(not required), and e-mail below. Signing this independent petition may be the only way to get the message across, and the more, the better our chances!

So please, again, pass around the word It's dire that this doesn't die out. :)

My dear friend fonz gave me an idea, to make it easier for you guys to promote in communities and your own journal.
---> <---


OFFTOPIC: I've noticed a few people have been adding me, out of a whim. If you'd like to do the same, feel free. I always enjoy having new people. (I'll delete this part before this gets submitted)

Don't be shy, I guess?
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anthony tulve

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Cait Parkinson
outtathaway@ gmail.com



Rika [last name is censored due to graphic violence and lewd content]

po linn

Holly Moffatt

Amanda Irwin
Writerz_bloc @ Yahoo.ca

ironjill Jill R. Wagner


Username: subversive (obviously)
First Name: Angelica
E-mail: lina.metallium@gmail.com

Kathryn Ste---vens (sorry, trying to keep google from finding me)

Though, I'm mainly concerned about the S1 thing.

erudition [at] gmail [dot] com

Candice Gleason